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Spectrum Technical Institute, Inc.

Spectrum Technical Institute (Spectrum) is a nonprofit (501)(c)(3)training and development organization, whose primary focus is to positively impact the lives of "at-risk" youth, young adults and others in need of our services in the greater Atlanta area.


Our mission is "to shape and enhance the total person through an array of training; image, interpersonal and career development and entrepreneurial pursuits".



Spectrum was founded on the premise of merging opportunities in the "world of high technology" with the "career, social, cultural and spiritual" needs of the developing community, with special emphasis to youth from single parent families and young adults (single mothers & and other disadvantaged adults needing a bridge to close the "digital divide").  Our intent is to impart a complete "spectrum" of knowledge to our clients.  This ranges from high technology, the shaping of life skills and work ethics, professionalism and the unfolding and development of a positive self-image.  Our focus is achieved through personal development services.


To date (for over 18 years), Spectrum's personal development services, for well over  sixteen hundred clients, have been accomplished through mentoring, life skills enhancements, at-risk behavior prevention services, career development services, cultural exposures, placement services, computer technology training, audio-video production training, support services  and information/referral services. In short, Spectrum's personal development services are about "helping youth & others help themselves build a foundation for life-long learning and success". Services are delivered onsite at Spectrum and through coordination with others.


Statistics say 4 out of 10 children in Georgia live in a home without their father. These children are missing more than their father, they are missing an opportunity. They are missing wholeness. These children will be more likely than children from two parent homes to join a gang in order to fullfill a need to belong. They are more likely to abuse drugs to fill the void left by a missing parent. They are more likely to drop out of school and more likely to be poor.


Statistics also say parents and other adults who gain pratical career skills beyond post secondary level are more likely to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more in their careers. Thus, the quality of life for them and their families are likely to increase.


We know that you share our mission and desire to help others to help themselves. Therefore, we ask you to contribute to our mission and assist Spectrum in continuing our service and nurturing to at risk youth and economically challenged adults. Should you need further information, you may call us at (404) 629-0574, email us at Spec1995@aol.com or visit our Web Site at www.spectrumtechnicalinstitute.com.


We look forward to your support.